Flo 28: The Cycle Syncing® Membership

A Revolution in Nutrition, Fitness, and Time Management for Women

Flo 28: The Cycle Syncing® Membership

A Revolution in Nutrition, Fitness, and Time Management for Women
The science that lets you have it all.

You’re trying to do it all—work, life, love, and motherhood to fitness programs to decluttering—but nothing delivers the results you hope for.

It works at the beginning and then it doesn’t. You start and stop. You try and fall off the wagon.

Stop living according to the male 24 hour hormonal cycle!

Every diet, fitness plan, even how the work day is structured, is all based on the male 24 hour hormonal cycle.

No wonder you can’t stick to different diets, workouts or schedules – they’re not factoring in your hormonal reality! They don’t reflect your 28-day hormonal cycle that is unique to women.

Doing this wrong increases inflammation and weight gain, decreases your brain health and stress your heart! Not to mention you get PMS symptoms that drain you.

To get the body, career, and life you want, you need to take care of yourself on your hormonal timing.

Eat, exercise, work, love on your perfect timing.

The Cycle Syncing® Method helps you optimize your cyclical hormones and creativity for greater health, creativity, productivity.

There is ideal timing to do everything you need for optimal self care and health to be more creative and productive without running yourself ragged.

When you are Cycle Syncing™, your partner with your body’s unique timing to get the results you have always wanted for.

If you have done MonthlyFLO and/or you are a MyFLO app user and you are ready to dive deeper, then this is your next step.

“FLO living turned my life around — no more painful, heavy periods or PMS.”

Jocelyn B.

Flo28: The Cycle Syncing® Membership

Program Overview

FLO 28: The Cycle Syncing™ Membership is a revolutionary method for women to care for their bodies and find more flow in their lives.

You’ll learn how to shift your self-care to support your cycle and play to the unique strengths you have in each phase. Within the membership, you’ll discover:

How to become stronger, fitter and leaner by shifting to phase-based workouts.

What to eat to support your brain and body during each phase.

When you’re at your best for socializing and when to schedule your “me-time.”

How to shift your work schedule to maximize your time and get more done.

How to turn up the heat in your relationship and have better sex.

How to be in your creative zone.

How to become stronger, fitter and leaner by shifting to phase-based workouts.

What to eat to support your brain and body during each phase.

When you’re at your best for socializing and when to schedule your “me-time.”

How to shift your work schedule to maximize your time and get more done.

How to turn up the heat in your relationship and have better sex.


How to be in your creative zone.

…And so much more. When you begin Cycle Syncing, you’ll start to have more energy for everything that matters the most to you. And, you’ll feel more energized, relaxed, happier and more free in all areas of your life.

What’s Included in the FLO 28:
The Cycle Syncing™ Membership

You’ll have access to 5 key tools to help you optimize your biochemistry, leverage your neurochemistry, and live your best life.

Phase Specific Recipes

Know what to eat during each phase of your cycle with weekly recipes delivered each month.

Workout of the Week

Stay energized and strong with exercise videos tailored to each phase of your cycle.

Cycle Syncing® Scheduling Guide

A guide to plan your day, week, and month our according to your biological clock.

Monthly Master Chats

Get advice directly from Alisa in exclusive monthly Q+A sessions and learn how to apply this to business, relationships, motherhood, and more.

Supportive Community & Events

A Facebook group dedicated to learning how to Cycle Sync,™ daily posting guide, first access to in-person events, and opportunities to connect with other amazing women.

The Smartest Way to Self-Care for Women

If you’re struggling with:

  • Finding balance between family and self-care
  • The juggle between work and social life
  • Finding the time for those personal, creative projects that you never get to
  • Prioritizing self-care and getting to it only when you’re in a crisis

And what you really want is:

  • A way to do less and have more peace and ease
  • Radical self-care to nourish your whole body
  • More energy and time to do what you love
  • True happiness and life satisfaction
  • Stronger connection with your inner knowing
  • More self-confidence to go in the direction you desire
“PMS, eczema, depression, mood swings, hair loss, and so many more symptoms are now part of the past! I am in control!”

Rana S.

Join Now for Only $28/month

That’s just $1 per day for each day of your cycle.

For just $28/month, you’ll get a tailored diet program that works with all 4 phases of your cycle, weekly workouts to match with your physical energy, time management planners so you can easily schedule the activities each week that support your cycle.

Compare this to what you could be investing for plans and activities that aren’t working for you:

Or Purchase an Annual Membership for $280

Get two months FREE when you purchase an annual membership.


per month
per session
Time Management
System & Apps
per year


FLO 28

FLO 28: The
Cycle Syncing™
per month

And you wouldn’t even have access to the community of women supporting you on this journey, and monthly advice directly from me to help you easily adjust to this new way of operating.

People Are Talking About Us

So how can women utilize our unique biochemistry to bio-hack ourselves to the top? I spoke with Alisa Vitti, best-selling author of WomanCode and creator of The Cycle Syncing Method and the MyFlo app, who developed a concept called ‘cycle-syncing’…The idea is that your hormonal phases can be your guide, giving you a blueprint to launch, execute, and finish projects of all kinds. Each phase of your cycle provides you with amazing brain superpowers, it’s essential to know what those are and when they happen so you can plan ahead to take advantage of them. Exploring productivity at work through a female paradigm could be the key to unlocking that added edge women have been looking for.

Then a friend told me about FloLiving, a site full of information about menstrual health by functional nutritionist Alisa Vitti, author of WomanCode and creator of the MyFLO period-tracking app….Getting my period right after vacations twice in a row made me start to believe in the power of nutrition and sleep to regulate your hormones.

Vitti’s beliefs are rooted in the concept of “cycle syncing,” a practice that involves incorporating specific micronutrient-rich foods at various points of the menstrual cycle to support the body’s natural production of hormones and its ability to purge any excess…Along with the inclusion of specific foods at the right times, Vitti also recommends particular workouts, stress management techniques, and even business strategies, depending on the current phase of your cycle (intense cardio might be beneficial at one time of the month, but not at another, for example)…No matter what symptoms you have—acne, bloating, mood swings, fatigue—you can start to resolves those with food and lifestyle changes.

A woman’s monthly cycle, composed of four phases — follicular, ovulation, luteal, and menstrual — can be empowering instead of debilitating, says Alisa Vitti, a functional-nutrition and women’s-hormone expert, and graduate of Johns Hopkins University and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In each phase of the cycle, women can thrive by choosing the foods and forms of exercise that best meet their bodies’ needs. Getting into a rhythm of supporting the body in each phase can help women live a more fulfilled, focused, healthy, and joyful life. It can also bring a new level of respect for all the work the body does in a month, and make self-care a priority.

Because cyclical self-care is the foundational piece of the hormone-balancing puzzle, I developed the MyFLO Period Tracker App so women could follow their hormonal clocks seamlessly throughout the day, week, and month. It enables women to have a better period naturally—and a better period is the essential first step on the road to fertility.

Alisa Vitti, author of WomanCode and a women’s hormone and functional nutrition expert, says another vital lifestyle change women can make when coping with PCOS is an adjustment in their eating habits. “You have to balance blood sugar, lower cortisol, reset the gut, [and] increase estrogen metabolism to allow the endocrine system to heal,” the founder of MyFLO, a menstrual cycle-syncing app, tells Elite Daily. It sounds like a lot, I know, but in practice, it’s not really that complicated, and by making these changes, Vitti explains, you can “put PCOS into remission naturally.

Alisa Vitti’s latest release, MyFlo App, was born from her book WomanCode, one of the first modern texts to educate women about their cycles—specifically the effects of hormonal changes during all four phases of it—in a way that was accessible and actionable. Her new app brings the book to life, offering a cycle tracker that suggests foods, activities, workouts, and playtime activities to optimize your life based on your hormone levels. It also helps minimize period pain by suggesting little lifestyle tweaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cycle Syncing ® Method guides you to eat, work, and live in alignment with the different hormonal phases of your cycle. FLO28 is the community of women who are changing the game when it comes to productivity, success, and making most of life in a female body. Think of it as a cross between an intuitive time management system, an adaptable diet and fitness plan, and a gateway to your inner knowing, confidence, and power.

The problem with most other diets and time management systems is that they don’t take into account the changing cycles of our hormones each month. They are built on a masculine model that assumes you’ll function the same day after day. For those of us ladies in our menstruating years, this is simply not the case. But rather than think of this as a disadvantage, it can actually be our secret weapon.

As part of FLO28, we’ve not only outlined for you the BEST ways to live and work in alignment with your changing cycles, but we’ve created the necessary structure and support to make it foolproof. All you need are your ovaries, a computer, and this guide to get started.

Let’s be real. Joining this membership is not going to magically make all your obligations disappear while you’re on your period (although wouldn’t that be nice?!), but it WILL give you the tools and awareness to know how to best manage your life during any phase of your cycle. For example, if you’re set to be really active during a week where your body is naturally calling for rest, you’ll be guided to know what supplements and self-caring actions to take to get you through it without burning out. And funny enough, so many women report that things seem like they DO just magically appear or disappear during different phases, purely because they are living cyclically.

So it’s more than possible, it’s what we’re wired for as women. The way our society has been operating has been keeping us away from this kind of cyclical living, and the more we reclaim it, the more power and energy we have.

Don’t see the answer to your question here? Worry not, we have a dedicated support team who would be happy to help with your specific question. Just email support@floliving.com for help.

Women who cycle-sync report having more energy and vitality overall, as well as specific shifts in their body, relationships, and work life. On a physical level, you can expect to sleep better, have more sustained energy throughout the day, resolve PMS, and improve your weight, skin, hormones, and mood. Depending on your starting point, this can happen in one to six months.

We recognize that a good percentage of women are on the pill (or another hormonal contraceptive) for birth control or symptom-regulating purposes. If this is you, the short answer to the question is yes, it can still work for you, but here’s the longer answer. Being on the pill is not ideal for cycle-syncing, since hormonal contraceptives block the natural hormonal patterns in your system and therefore change up some of the natural energetic tendencies your body would have throughout the month.

However, following our recommended suggestions for the 4 phases of your cycle in conjunction with the pill can be wonderful for balancing out what the pill can throw off balance: i.e. overdrive tendencies, vitamin deficiency, and a general disconnect from your body and emotions. Cycle-syncing will be a process that gets your mind working in service of your body, and by living in a more cyclical pattern, you’ll find yourself blossoming in new and creative ways. And if you are thinking about getting off the pill at some point soon, cycle-syncing is a great way to train and prepare your body for that transition.

If you’re in the late stages of peri-menopause or have stopped menstruating, first of all, we love you! And we honor you, as we hope you honor yourself, in this different yet equally as powerful phase of your female life cycle. While cycle-syncing won’t technically work for you because your body is not operating in that monthly cycle, you can still reap the benefits of living in this way by following the cycle of the moon each month. Download a moon phase tracking app or calendar, and treat every New Moon as the first day of your period, and every Full Moon as the height of your ovulation phase. At one point in time, most women bled in conjunction with the moon every month! So this is a fantastic way to stay connected to cyclical rhythms.

Especially if you have a pre-existing hormonal health condition, it’s common for your cycle to be irregular. If this is the case, we definitely recommend talking to a FLO Coach and getting started on a healing protocol that will balance your hormones and regulate your cycle. While that’s in process, there’s still a lot you can do to cycle-sync and support your flow.

If your cycle is irregular to the point where you bleed less often than every 45 days, you might want to follow the recommendations listed for women who are no longer menstruating. This means, following along with the phases of the moon rather than your period. The reason being is that living cyclically on a regular monthly pattern can help your body and cycle to become more regular.

If your cycle is happening every 30-45 days, you can still follow the cycle-syncing recommendations, and you’d just extend the length of your follicular, ovulatory, and luteal phases by a few days each to accommodate the longer cycle. You mind find that the more you follow the protocol, the more regular your cycle becomes!

If you make your own schedule, you might get stuck in the patterns of feast or famine – having SO MUCH on your plate that you get overwhelmed, followed by periods where things feel slooooow and you’re not sure what to work on. You also might be trying to replicate a schedule that you adopted from a previous full time job, finding it difficult to motivate yourself in that way day after day.

Whatever the state of your self-employed, self-powered schedule, we got you! And cycle-syncing is truly your secret weapon to becoming more productive and having more energy than ever before. Cycle-syncing will give you a new structure within which to work – one that is aligned with your natural hormonal and energy patterns. This way, you won’t feel like you’re dragging your body along for the ride, or forcing yourself to do more when it’s really not working. Imagine knowing exactly what to work on at what point in the week, having your food and exercise plan already set, and following along with a daily planner that’s designed to match your natural flow.

Yes! The cycle-syncing system is designed to fit into your life – not disrupt it. You’ll be guided to spend a bit of time before the work week starts to prep yourself by planning your food and exercise strategy for the week so that you can just live your life and know what you’re eating and doing each day. Our daily themes throughout the week also help you stay focused on essential areas of your life that will keep you feeling balanced and centered in yourself. We’ve brought cycle-syncing trainings into corporate environments like Google and Hearst, Mara Hoffman and Sakara Life, and the women there have shared rave reviews about how it’s improved their own wellbeing as well as their productivity and performance at work.

Whatever diet you are following, you’ll be able to bring the best of that program with you! You’ll simply shift which foods you select each week and you may play with quantities during different phases. This program is about timing everything you’re eating with the cycle phase you’re in, and it’s NOT about a specific dietary theory. All are welcome!

Yes! In fact, if you are NOT cycle-syncing, you might be doing more damage than good with your workouts. Unlike common recommendations to do the same workout every day and every week, there are certain times throughout the month when pushing yourself to follow through with intense cardio can actually turn on fat storage because of the shift of hormones present. Getting to know the changing phases of your cycle throughout the month with ensure that you know exactly what kind of exercise will burn the most fat and keep you flowing with your fitness goals.

About Alisa Vitti and The FLO Living Hormone Center

Alisa Vitti is a women’s hormone and functional nutrition expert and pioneer in female biohacking. Alisa is dedicated to helping women understand how to get their hormones to work without medication and break free from the menstrual mythology that prevents them from optimizing their health and lives. She is the best selling author of the much loved purple period book, WomanCode, and creator of theCycle-Syncing(R) Method – a female-centric diet and lifestyle program that leverages hormonal patterns for optimal health, fitness and productivity. 

As the founder of The FLO Living Hormone Center, she has built the world’s first modern menstrual healthcare platform that has helped hundreds of thousands of women around the world put their period issues like PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis, and PMS into remission naturally using her highly effective FLO Protocol and the FLO Balance Period Supplements.

Finally, Alisa is also the creator of the MyFLO period app – the first and only functional medicine period tracker and cycle syncing tool that teaches the user why they have each symptom, and what to do get rid of it naturally, while encouraging diet, exercise, and a lifestyle that are in sync with their cycle.

A graduate of Johns Hopkins University and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Alisa has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, Lifetime, and has been a regular contributor for Cosmo, Harper’s Bazaar, and Women’s Health.  She has served on the wellness council for Yahoo Health, MindBodyGreen and Well & Good. She is also an advisor to several health and health tech startups.  She has presented at SXSW, TEDx, Talks@Google, Summit Series Outside, Cycles&Sex, WIE Symposium, and SHE Summit and regularly trains women in the workplace on how to use her Cycle Syncing Method for greater creativity, productivity, and wellbeing at work.  Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

The Science of The Cycle Syncing® Method

Free Masterclass With Alisa Vitti

Curious to learn more? If you aren’t familiar with the Cycle Syncing Method, we’ve got you covered with this Free Masterclass:

Are you struggling to do it all in work, life, love, and motherhood?

I’m here to tell you that there is a scientific reason why you feel like it’s all so hard… and there IS a better and easier way to get it all done.

Your hormones operate on a 28-day cycle, over 4 distinct patterns, and these affect your body and your brain.

Instead of trying to do everything all at once, you can use your own natural rhythm to choose what’s easiest for you at the most optimal time for your body and brain – I call this process The Cycle SyncingMethod.

In my Science of The Cycle Syncing Method masterclass, you’ll discover exactly how this works, including:
  • What really works to keep you fit, slim and healthy
  • The scientific reason why time management fails for women–and what to do instead
  • Why the Cycle Syncing Method  can help you reach your career, love, and creative goals
  • How to start applying the Cycle Syncing Method to your life today

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Flo 28: The Cycle Syncing™ Membership