The Cycle Syncing® Master Class Series
with Alisa Vitti

Class 1:

Scientific Secrets to an Optimized Female Body

Class 2:

Scientific Secrets to Female Productivity

Class 3:

How to Create the Life You Desire and Do Less

Introducing Flo28

Class 2: Scientific Secrets to Female Productivity

You’ll Discover
  • The scientific reason why time management fails for women
  • Where to focus your energy instead of “managing time”
  • How embracing timing lets you get it all done with less stress

Flo 28: The Cycle Syncing™ Membership

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For just $28/month, you’ll get a tailored diet program that works with all 4 phases of your cycle, weekly workouts to match with your physical energy, time management planners so you can easily schedule the activities each week that support your cycle.

Compare this to what you could be investing for plans and activities that aren’t working for you:

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Time Management
System & Apps
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FLO 28

FLO 28: The
Cycle Syncing™
per month

And you wouldn’t even have access to the community of women supporting you on this journey, and monthly advice directly from me to help you easily adjust to this new way of operating.

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